Author Doug Olson

Doug Olson

Doug Olson has spent his entire professional career as a NIST employee and comes to the Office of Weights and Measures from the scientific side of metrology. For 15 years he led the high pressure standards project at NIST, providing traceability through calibrations and other measurement services, developing new standards and measurement methods, and representing NIST nationally and internationally. For the last two years he was on detail to the Bureau International des Poids et Mesures in Sèvres, France, just outside of Paris.

Metrology Between 1796 and 1797 the French Academy of Sciences had 16 standard meters engraved in marble and installed in various places around Paris so they would be directly accessible to the public. The meter here is the only one that survives in its original location, which is right across the street from the Palais du Luxembourg in central Paris.


Even though I have spent my entire professional career at NIST, until a year ago it would never have entered my mind that I would become the chief of the…